May 24, 2018 Johannasawalha

What IS it with doggies and babies?

What IS it with doggies and babies?

That has everyone melt.

That elicits the universal ¨aawww…. ¨ with the up-lilt in the end.

We can love a baby and the puppy endlessly.


What IS the trick with self-love?

It wasn’t just mom who ruined our sense of self.

That can’t be the answer.

(And as a mom myself, I take offense to that.

That any future challenge of my kids’ will be all my fault!)


“We have met the enemy and he is us.”  – Pogo


All the things we take issue with out in the world, exist somewhere in ourselves.

The violence we abhor – we commit violence against ourselves and sense of self every day. The pollution of air and sea – we still drive our cars and use our hair spray and whatever else.


Are we willing to come face-to-face with the enemy within?

And have a serious discussion.

¨What’s it gonna’ be? You or me, pal?¨

The Committed One or the Ignorant One.

The more we can allow ALL aspects of ourselves to be there, thus keeping the enemy close, we can keep making the choices for good. We can stop the self-defeating behaviors we engage in, and maybe, MAYBE we can start to love ourselves. Ever so little. Perhaps if we’re really lucky, one day we can love ourselves as much as we love doggies and babies.

What do you think?

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