April 4, 2018 Johannasawalha

What’s Not Working & How I’m Dealing With It


  The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  Socrates 

Ever find yourself doing things in a certain way? Because that’s how you’ve always done them? Isn’t it amazing how you somewhat stay in the same orbit in life, simply because you are doing all the same things you always did…?

I just came back from Easter vacation, skiing with Z(hubby), Sami (2nd grader), and Satya & Nicky (the 5-year old twins). It was just heaven. I noticed when I came back that I wanted to stay in vacation mode. Everyone got out the door in the morning a half hour late, because I wouldn’t snap into gear. Then, I wanted to start handling practical things, like stowing the skis and returning emails and schedule ¨stuff¨. That – rather than connect with you guys. Shame on me. I do not like to admit that.

The reason, I saw, was that it’s way easier to ¨knock things off the list¨. This is my pit fall. Every. Single. Time. And it’s SO my mom. Handling THINGS over connecting with people. The first words out of mom’s mouth when we got our puppy last week was, ¨but what about your traveling?¨ The second sentence was, ¨oh, but how much fun for the kids – and you¨. See? That’s what I do when on auto pilot.

Connecting takes something. It makes you raw. Puts you on the hook. Makes you vulnerable. But! Connection is currency. It’s the only thing that truly matters. In business, and ya’all know this somewhere deep inside, the only boss is the customer and your relationship.

Once I get going communicating though, once I start to connect, it puts me in my happy place. It’s like a steam train puffing to a start. I just have to get going. It doesn’t work for me not to connect deeply with people – so I make it a non-negotiable. I HAVE to. It’s a rule. Every day. When do you want to hide from people? Where in your life do you duck so you don’t have to connect.

Hit reply and respond, xoxo,

PS. If you read this and thought, ¨MAN, that’s me. I run from people any way I can,¨ I can help you. I have learnt a few tricks since I caught on to my auto pilot devil. Make sure to schedule an exploratory call with me about it. Don’t wait. It’s too important. DS.



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