March 19, 2018 Johannasawalha

I Love Telling You About My Wins – But When I Lose? I Go Quiet – Read About My Epic Fails

The other day, I was able to report a great streak of wins to my accountability community. After a long stretch of dry spell (i.e. tons of hard work with little to show for it), the flood gates opened and contracts started flowing in.

Quickly, I got on the (closed) meeds to share just how GREAT I felt. I received lots of congrats along with requests for advice.

Well, now it’s Monday again. A regular Monday when all there is to do is rinse and repeat. What does an Oscar winner do Monday after the awards weekend? If I were to guess, they probably get up and work! This gave me pause. How EAGER was I to share my wins? Very, but during the long stretch of NO wins, I was keeping awfully quiet, wasn’t I? Why? Because I didn’t want anybody to think I was failing! I also didn’t want to hear myself defending the hard work I was doing. Most of all, however, I didn’t want anyone to think I was a busy bee. That person who stays busy not to confront their feelings, reality, whatever…but rarely gets anything out of their hands of value. Frankly, I didn’t want anyone to see me as THAT person who can’t produce a result.:!

No matter how much spiritual and personal growth work I’ve done over the years, I STILL catch myself wanting to look good. STILL wanting to seem like I have it all together, being the envy of all. Yuck. Actually. I don’t. I don’t have it all together. Not only that – let me tell you some epic fails:

• I founded and ran a fragrance company and could never get sales above a hundred or a hundred and fifty thousand a year. Some of the conditioner bottles with my fragrance exploded conditioner on some customers. There was some sort of rising reaction that popped the tops off the bottles. Harmless but messy – and mostly? Very embarrassing. Take that phone call. Anyone?

• I failed at my first marriage.

• I got a sorry store-bought cake to bring to my now husband’s off-site birthday – only to find out that most attendees were chefs. Who had to suffer through my god-awful cake.

As I write this, there’s a voice in my head asking if I really should be telling you this, and I actually should hit “Send” after I finish typing.

I don’t like being this open and vulnerable and sharing my ¨uglies¨. I don’t know many people who are, but that’s neither here nor there. Sharing yourself openly makes it so people can relate to you. How many people, of ALL the people you know, do you feel you can truly relate to? Still, it is SO hard to go there…

However, I do think this is the real breakthrough for people. It’s the real breakthrough for ME, that I know… It doesn’t mean you’re less credible or likeable or any of that. It actually makes you more relatable. I’ve seen it over and over again. It also feels important to share this because I don’t ever want to end up in that self-alienating ice castle. SO many things could possible separate us as humans anyway – why make it more so?

Is it hard for YOU to be vulnerable, to open up, to share yourself? In life, business or in your relationship? My last summit was all about online reach. For those of you who participated-you’ve probably noticed that the posts where you’re the most vulnerable, that’s where you got the most ¨Likes¨…?

If it’s difficult for you to open up, would it make a difference for you to learn how to do it? How to share yourself in an authentic, open, yet appropriate, manner…?

Click here to book a FREE ¨Breaking Open¨ session – so that I can give you the step-by-step words and actions that will help you do just that! The people that book in the next 48 hours get a free inspo booklet with book recommendations and tools for being more open and vulnerable in your life! What say you? Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it…? 🙂

Love always,

Coach Jo

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