February 20, 2018 Johannasawalha

If You Ever Considered Coaching-Take This Survey

Hi all –

I’m writing this to these categories of people:

1) People who have had a coach in the past

2) People who have thought about having a coach

3) People who have had coaching type conversations

Or you who have coached with me in the past. Or you and I’ve had deep conversations about coaching. And you may have shared your life situation with me and we’ve discussed what to do about it. But that was then.

You are in a different place now, and so is the world. To better serve, I need to know EXACTLY what you and others are most likely to be dealing with now. And if you broke up that pattern, had that breakthrough, achieved a result you’ve been longing for – what area would that be in?

So – would you do me a quick favour? Would you go to this page to answer a few brief questions – ? So I can better serve as a coach!


Thank you so much!

PS.The show I’m hosting right now, Skyrocket Your Online Reach, is sure to propel people’s businesses online. If that’s you, or someone you know, make sure they have the info (and tell them it’s free) – here’s where one can sign up





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