January 23, 2018 Johannasawalha

Making Money Has Nothing to Do with Making Money

I find making money has nothing to do with making money.
I read ¨The Wealthy Barber¨ for the first time a long time ago. One of its biggest takeaways is that, after investments – like owning a house, you save only 10% of your income, and then you spend the rest. You enjoy the rest. My husband and I have decided that we spend on travel and education, and those two to get to ¨cost what they cost. ¨
Making money has nothing to do with making money.
It has to do with building deep relationships that last a lifetime.
You do when you FEEL good because people want to be around people who feel good. Makes them feel good too. That’s how you build them.
And you feel good when you let yourself travel and learn.
And when you surround yourself with plants.
Those are things I do that work. Wanting to make more money because I want more of the adventure that money brings.
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