January 11, 2018 Johannasawalha

My Boss Called Me a Diva

I haven’t had many bosses in my life. Maybe three…? Being an entrepreneur most of my life has pretty much ruined my prospects for every working for anyone, unless they’re fine with someone who questions authority, decisions, and the direction of the company, in essence – a highly opinionated, hard-to-steer employee.

One of those three bosses I had called me a diva. These days that may have called for an outcry and be called harassment. ¨How’s my diva doing today? ¨ …but the thing is, she was right. I was a diva. I still am. And the other thing is, I’m proud of it. Being a diva has taught me how to value my time and my worth. The boss used to make fun of me that I ¨would like to only work 4 hours a day¨. Have you ever heard of the bestseller ¨The 4-hour workWEEK¨?

I work lazy and smart.

I don’t ¨do it myself because it’s faster that way¨.

I delegate.

I build relationships, not tasks lists.

I get proper rest and nutrition.

I like things ¨just so¨.

Yup, I look for where the magic is peeking through, for when a situation, a food dish, or a person’s essence – shines through.

Am I a diva? Absolutely.

#TBT – Here’s a role I was cast in at La MaMa Theatre, directed by Andre De Shields (the original Wizard of Oz on Broadway) in New York City in the 90’s – an operatic diva, singing ¨The Shining City on the Hill¨.

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