January 9, 2018 Johannasawalha

Who Wants to Know What Top Three Things to Focus on in 2018?

You ever wrap your day and ask yourself, ¨What did I actually get done today…? Did I produce – anything? ¨

I used to be scattered – SO scattered- to the point of my old roommate when watching me scurry said, ¨You’d think you ran IBM. ¨ …

And a client of mine (who is a medicated ADHD), said to me, ¨You definitely have ADHD. I live with it. I know it when I see it. ¨ I don’t know if he was right – but I DO know you get very little done by bopping about and not really getting anything out of your hands!

I give all my clients something I call The Big 3’s…If you give me your LONG list of what you want to do, but are not sure about in 2018, I can tell you what your Top 3 should be. How can I do that? I can, because humans follow predictable behaviour. As unique as we all think we are, your goals are likely to fulfil certain criteria:

  • They fill your heart
  • They make you money
  • They contribute to the well-being of all, in some way
  • The upgrade some area of your life, whether it be fitness or your environment or your relationships
  • They are connected, to a lesser or larger extent, to your life’s purpose
  • They take care of a fundamental need that has gone unfulfilled or ignored…

Another common human characteristic is to write out goals and wishes based on what someone will physically do and materially get – versus looking to:

  • deal with their past and move on
  • get over their biggest fears to do what they want
  • detect and eradicate different types of self-deception
  • stop using food, alcohol and people in the wrong way
  • become financially solvent

If you look there, all your wishes for this year are likely to come through!

BUT – you’ve got to start somewhere…

Why don’t you respond right back with your 2018 list of wishes, dreams and goals – I will shoot back your Top 3…!


Coach Jo


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