October 2, 2017 Johannasawalha

Are We Getting Numb?

Are we getting numb? Have we got “fear fatigue”?

Or is it that we’re getting better at defiance?


So wisely asked by the BBC in the UK.

You may call me morbid, but I look at the pictures from each attack.

Not oogling. I look and feel. Every time.

I will never EVER start to equal one attack with another.

Don’t you either.


I will also not stop addressing them, each time.

I will not give attention to the perpetrators, but to the situation – that we all together can defy, withstand and change the climate of terrorism – by not normalizing it, but by keeping up the dialogue about our young ones who get radicalized and our lone wolves who’re marginalized. They’re responsible, but so are we – for creating a society where caring for each and every person in it is a matter of personal, civic duty.


Each victim was a person with a past, a family, and a life to live.

This is not normal.

Don’t make it normal.

Feel. Help. Support. SPEAK.


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