September 25, 2017 Johannasawalha

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Not my line but that of Angela Duckworth and her great little book on grit. I was a-MAZ-ed at my 4-yearold little twinkies running their first race yesterday. My boy took off like shot out of a cannon and my girl held my hand and ran. When we got to our umpteen hill, she didn’t complain, just recognized ¨You know, I’m a little tired. ¨ And still, she kept on. They both did, crossed the finish line and got their medal.


You know, I think of that, when I want to complain. Which I have noticed I tend to do! Like saying it’s going to be so hard is a way to let out some steam. But there are better ways. I could just say I’m a bit apprehensive or not sure how I will do. Because there is no telling how hard it’s going to be. Sometimes it is. And sometimes it isn’t…

What do YOU think? What adds to that stamina, that tenacity, that – grit?


Coach Jo


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