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Campaign – ¨The Last Quarter Inch¨

Offer/Campaign –              

¨The Last Quarter Inch¨

 Hey you! Lots of exciting things coming up this fall, like the online summit about how to turn your hobby into your work. The summit launches Oct 19, but I also wanted to extend something overall, over-arching…!


I’ve named this campaign – ¨The Last Quarter Inch¨.  

If you are any like me – and the rest of the human race – you like to be comfortable. Going up against your edge is not. Currently, I’m going pushing my limit with my running coach. When I’ve nothing left to give, he pushes me that last quarter inch…!

That’s what I’m ready to do for you in this last quarter of the year!

Here is what you do:


1.     Look at your goals – what you said you wanted in the beginning of the year

2.     Assess where you currently are regarding those goals

3.     Get in touch with me to make the plan to fulfill as many of them as possible before year end


When you sign up for the basic coaching package, you get the following 3 items free! (value: $250)

1.     An online 3-session seminar on how to deal with fear and crisis!

2.     The training tool The Army uses to assess your stress level – super useful to know where you need to be to perform!

3.     A compilation of the most inspirational ¨getting-over-the-hump¨ quotes there are!


Make the year 2017 count – sign up now!




Coach Jo




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