August 18, 2017 Johannasawalha

This movie star! Ah – I give you Rosa Maria Fuentes Fernandez!

This movie star! Ah – I give you Rosa Maria Fuentes Fernandez!

From: Insta Turnaround Stories by Johanna Sawalha:

Rosa Maria was one of my dad’s friends I got to know. She is a rock star tutor. Everyone sends their kid to her. Her pattern – taking TOO much care. Others’ burdens. At home, she tends to hoard… (but stylish as she is – mostly fabulous books and clothes). I coached her. Here’s her testimonial of her incredibly fast turnaround!


Hi Jo querida 🤗
How have you been ? I have seen your pics and you seemed extremely happy, enjoying time with your beautiful family and friends.
I have good news to share with you. It’s s like a “before and after version of me ” after having been coached by you!
You basically gave 3 tasks to follow and some suggestions to follow and I did!
1) I have been doing the ¨self-care¨ you assigned to me, plus a daily dosage of B12 and I started to feel so much better.
2) Now I have an Excel template to follow my income and expenses daily. So simple and so great 🤗.
3) Decluttering has been my motto and the house and especially myself look and feel so much better. Chapeaux!
Last time we talked I had only 6 pupils for July and August and now I am working with 24!
Things are happening!
I can’t thank you enough!
There is so much still to be done , I know and I feel so much better despite the bad weather round here. It has been raining for a month 😊😊😊😊
Let me know what else you want me to try, okey ?
P.S. I haven’t t read the 2 books you recommended yet but I will.
Loads of love to you,  gorgeou6girl, and your adorable family.

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