May 19, 2017 Johannasawalha

7 Reasons Why It’s Great to Be an Adult

We often complain out loud or to ourselves about the burdens of being an adult (especially if you are also a parent). No more late nights and long sleepy mornings, no burning midnight oil out of sheer inspiration and no more letting bills be someone else’s problem.

BUT – it’s actually GREAT being an adult.


  1. You’re less concerned about what others are doing and more into what you’re
  2. You know how to disagree without cutting someone down.
  3. You know how to apologize.
  4. You love the ones you’re with – and stop going after those who are not that into you – and you truly appreciate your actual friends.
  5. You appreciate your parents. You are thankful for the sacrifice they made even though you didn’t know it at the time.
  6. You want to talk about what actually matters. Idle talk is shelved and you are concerned about the quality of your conversations and the state of the world (and what you can do about it).
  7. You’re confident in yourself and stop wasting so much time trying to change. Instead, you want to learn. You’re becoming an “adult — and it is simply great!

So – being an adult isn’t as boring as you once thought it would be. Your relationships and richer and deeper – the ones with others as well as the one with yourself….

To find out how to have integrity with this thing called adulthood and actually ENJOY it in the way above examples show – shoot me an email and I will give you 3 hot tips to get started on THAT journey!


Coach Jo

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