April 7, 2017 Johannasawalha

I Love. To. Move.

Hi, it’s me, Coach Jo!

It’s Friday morning, and I was just hit with my partner-client-friend Erika Shannon’s vid from the fab co she works with, Soul Cycle…!

While I was watching the video, I realized I have always moved. I’ve been on the move in various forms – moving, traveling, exercising, dancing, boxing, biking, yoga’ing – a lot – but there was this simple realization that I Love. To. Move…!

Whether I coach a founder of a start-up or a stay-at-home mom re-entering the (public) work force, they get the same question, ¨do you move in any way? ¨ I think we may have gotten a bit fixated on exercise and what method to follow, when the simple truth is, our bodies just want to move around. My dad walks two hours a day and it keeps him in good shape.

One of the reasons I’m so passionate about moving is that physical movement is such a metaphor for all of life – a rolling stone doesn’t gather any moss :)!

If we keep moving, especially when we get hurt or upset, we realize that dwelling on the past makes us miss the current moment. Sometimes then, instead of intellectually talk someone out of their mental hole, I send them out for a run. And then maybe we can process them after. Chances are their head will be a LOT clearer after that run (or walk)…!

Bottom line – get up and move – according to the expression that fits YOU!

And hats off to Soul Cycle for such an inspiring video to do just THAT – move – and to Erika Shannon @eshannz for being their rock star instructor!

Lots of love,

Coach Jo

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