April 5, 2017 Johannasawalha

Did You Do Your Sun Salutes Today…?

Or your workout of choice? I did my prostrations. I have done 1000 of my prescribed 111 111. It will take me 100 years. But that’s OK – because it’s all about the PRACTICE, not the goal.

In 1994, I went on a wild adventure in the Himalayas. I will tell more stories later on, but today, I just want to share this one about said practice. Right outside of Lhasa, I was watching Tibetan women in the countryside wade across a river, for hours every day. With fire wood being scarce in the Himalayas, they had to go far for their next find.

What I also noticed was that the river they crossed had big swaths of ice running down along with the water. Chocked, I asked my translator to ask them, ¨How could they wade barefoot all day through this freezing water??¨ The reply was profound. The women laughed and said, ¨Oh, it’s nothing. We don’t live for this life, so what happens here doesn’t matter. We live for Nirvana!¨

They were so devoted to the practices and philosophy they lived by, that they could completely rise above life’s difficulties. I was impressed and humbled. I attempt to recall this memory often, to remember to always get back to my practices that make life work! What are yours…? Do share. Or if you don’t know, ask for tips!



Coach Jo

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