March 27, 2017 Johannasawalha

Self-deception – we’re all guilty of it!

Hey, it’s me, Jo…

It’s Monday afternoon and I’m about ready to tend to business. The morning was spent catching up after the weekend! Do you ever feel that way? That you need, or wish you could have, a day after the weekend just to get life back in order…?

While I was creating space after the 5-person-family-weekend-mayhem, I realized something interesting. It was based on a conversation with my husband over the weekend. Let me explain…

It’s about delusion. Or self-deception. No, not Trump’s, that he’d be able to push

through a health-care ¨reform¨ his third month in office. And not the Brits that they can enjoy the benefits of EU trade and still leave the union :). Nope. Our own. My own. About what I will do one day-some day.

A couple of examples – see pic insert. I delude myself to think I have had many different hair styles in my life. I also have believed that I like to sport long and short hair equally. I do not. Here is a picture from 1997 and 2017. Same hair. I can also assure you that I have had pretty much the same hair cut my whole life…menial example perhaps but it points to something bigger. That now and then, we must fact check – and that’s just not just in politics!

Another example – my husband has always – ALWAYS – complained that he doesn’t ¨get to¨ work out. There is always that golden time when he will put in a routine – during time off, when the au pair arrives, before work, after work…It’s been 10 years. A routine has yet to materialize. Instead of thinking of the next smart motivational thing to say to him, this weekend I demanded he hires a personal trainer. This week. ¨Let’s cut through our own delusion that it will happen on your own accord or by me making you do it, ¨ I said. Between cutting through my hair style delusion and his workout delusion, I feel that things have moved greatly forward over the weekend…!

We all delude ourselves to think that we will do ¨that thing¨ one day but if left untended, that delusion will kill your dreams and sense of being the one steering your life.

How about you? Where do you self-deceive? In future projects? Relationships? Habits?

Old thoughts that haunt you that you have promised yourself you will stop thinking?

If you want a professional delusion killer like me on your team, I’d be happy to help. In fact, if you sign up for the newsletter on my site, you can take advantage of a 30-min free coaching session – be happy to work on your delusions then :)! Or on something else that is hanging over you…

I’m excited by those that have signed up already and the new worlds we have already created together. I would love for you to OPT in too…! IF you want to cut through delusion and get access to what lies beyond self-deception – opt in here:

Have a beautiful afternoon – talk soon!



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