March 24, 2017 Johannasawalha

It is Friday and how much are you enjoying yourself…?

Are you excited to go into the weekend?

Or are you thinking about everything you must ¨catch up on¨?

And then Sunday comes and you feel guilty that you didn’t get to any of it…

Alan Watts said it well, “We get such a kick out of looking forward to pleasures and rushing ahead to meet them that we can’t slow down enough to enjoy them when they come.”


Also, in the words of Erich Fromm, ¨We have reduced the average working hours to about half what they were one hundred years ago. We today have more free time available than our forefathers dared to dream of. But what has happened? We do not know how to use the newly gained free time; we try to kill the time we have saved, and are glad when another day is over… Society may be lacking in sanity. ¨


Even our obsessive quest of work/life balance has become a chore, a burden with which we compare ourselves to others. Just hanging about is seen as ¨unproductive¨ and a time when we are not ¨growing¨.


I’ll turn this on its head today. Have you noticed you get your greatest ideas in the shower, while gardening, while laying on your back looking at the sky? After all, and supposedly, Newton said under a tree when he figured out gravity. So did Buddha, figuring out existence.


There are a few simple rituals you can do to get yourself into this space:


1.     I always keep a few books going – some trade books but at least one novel to keep my imagination and sense of leisure going. A literary critic recently gave me the tip,

¨I know everyone is reading it but ‘A Little Life’ by Yanagihara is probably the best book of the year.¨ So far it reads like a modern day ¨On the Road¨ and I am INTO it!

2.     I linger with things. I stay longer with the watering of the flowers, I take longer to get us dressed. When I linger, I enjoy things. The luxury of generously indulging into the most precious commodity we have – time.

3.     I, ¨The Serial Upgrader¨, play the game of upgrading my relationships I engage with over the weekend – how I can be greater with them, go deeper yet lighter with them than I’ve had before. Not like a chore though – like a game. And they then feel sooo loved and then we have fun just from that…!


What are YOUR tips for slowing down and savouring?

Chime in!


Coach Jo

PS. Chime in and OPT in – for more future tips on how to stay fun and free…:)

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