March 23, 2017 Johannasawalha

On Opting In: ¨Should I stay or should I go?¨

Just posted this on Facebook, in regards to being ACTIVE friends and actively participating with each other. You may be visiting my site without having opted in. Would you? 🙂 Love, Jo

¨Should we Unfriend? Or stay friends…¨

It’s spring cleaning time! Don’t know about you but I go a bit wacka-doo with the feng shui(see #tbt of looking out window in 1997 and 2017! Spring cleaning of pics and seeing I STILL look out the window a lot it seems…!)

My friend Lisa once said, ¨Every time I come over to your house, something is different. Something is upgraded. ¨

I’m the ultimate upgrader. Of myself, my house, people, life. I like to make everything into its 2.0 version! In fact, I’m a bit obsessed about it. (Telling on myself! 🙂 I can sit in a café or walk down the street, overhear a conversation between two people and imagine the next level of that conversation – qualitatively, the intimacy, the honesty level…It’s a bit sick but I see an upgrade in that and in everything.

Lucky for me, that’s also how I make my living coaching. Or rather, that’s the calling that picked me. Sometimes something very specific gets upgraded, like someone’s role at work or in their own career, but now – personally and professionally – I feel spring cleaning coming on! Friends have told me, ¨god, I couldn’t do what you do. That is so much WORK. I have enough of my own crap, let alone deal with someone else’s…¨ For me? That’s fun! Seeing a ¨cleaned up¨ human being, someone who has gotten a new take on life is the ultimate satisfaction for me.

Where do you come into the spring cleaning? Well. We are friends on Facebook. But should we be? I’m ready to take the relationship to the next level. I will not manipulate or threaten, just make a right-out request to be friends at a new level of knowing each other. THAT, or we should unfriend each other. All in honour of spring cleaning J. I have noticed one or two picking a fight with a comment or post I’ve made, and they may be perfect for the challenge to unfriend.

Me? The little Buddhist me sees no reason not to be friends with anybody. The more, the merrier was always my thing. If someone is harmful in any way, they need help, not ostracizing. And most people are not harmful. Most people are great.

If you choose to stay friends, I would like to share more of myself with you, which I’m now – finally – using my website to do more of. I’m giving my site a spring cleaning too! So – would you, would you opt in? Opting in on my website is not just business for me. Because what I do, coaching, is like I said more of a calling than a job- It’s more related to who I am than what I do. Then, if you opt in, we can share, and you can comment and we can discuss topics in all the range of life. Opt in here.

Another friend once said, ¨when Jo shines her light on you, you feel sooo good!¨. That is my promise, you opt in on my website, I will shine my light on you, I will answer every comment and email and more importantly, find out what you are up to and want in your life, something I may miss in the Facebook feed.

Or we can just stay friends here. Or not. But if you come with me on the site, we can be more than a name to each other or pretty vacay pics. Real friends. Real community.


Love always,


Opt in.


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