February 20, 2017 Johannasawalha

Grow With Your Plants

Both clients and friends sometimes voice their frustration that progress in life takes soooooo looooong! You feel so ready to just spring forward. And then – there is life. Tripping you up, throwing your curve balls and giving you head colds…

You or the client takes on a commitment to grow, you are into it, you are ready, you have set aside the time and money, and then – nothing. And then more nothing for a long, long, loooooong time! Now that you’ve been so ready for so long, you simply aren’t achieving the results as fast as you would like! Why? Why, why, why, why, why….?

Time is Needed for Growth

Why? Because it’s gotta’. It’s gotta’ take time. Here’s an example: I have grown-up braces right now. I just want my teeth straight as I get older, that’s all, and that process takes two years. I asked my dentist why it needs to take so long. ¨Because your teeth need to adjust to their new places. ¨ So do you.

Another example – your weight. We all have something famously called our ¨weight set point¨. Your body likes to hang out there. It’s used to it. And if you stray from that set point, your weight likes to find its way back to its familiar number. To kick your body off its set point really takes something. A concerted effort. So it is with your own personal growth. If we go any faster, we are likely to crash land. Look at what happens to lottery winners. Almost none of them retain the wealth they so quickly acquired…

Many people expect that, if they read their spiritual literature and do the right things, that will do it – a one shot push and you’ll live blissfully happy ever more. Then, you become continuously disappointed when it doesn’t happen this way. You might feel life has let you down or that you are doing something wrong, when in fact, everything may be proceeding perfectly and beautifully. Time is essential for this kind of growth process.

It’s ironic how hung up on time we get, given it’s a manmade thing anyway. I call this post, Grow With Your Plants, because I don’t think plants keep track. They have seasons. So do you. What time those seasons are divided into is not that important.

When we grow, there are growing pains. Building muscle comes from creating small, little muscle tears that make the muscle grow bigger over time. Therefore, time is needed to repair and heal in between growing sessions. When our souls grow, the time of repair may be done in quiet reflection or meditation. Now and then, things fall into place instantaneously, but that is probably because things have germinated in some other, unseen way.
So How Much Time Will it Take?
Usually any growth takes more time than you think. Many of us get into the growth process hoping to get some quick answers and comfort and then resume “normal life” – like our personal growth is some ¨hump¨ to get over. That is not how life works, much to our own dismay. Problems get solved in a finite sort of way, whereas the growth process continues ongoingly.
There are signs, however, that will give a sense of how long specific growth or repair issues take to resolve. You will judge it based on the severity of your issue, what brought it about and the availability of resources. The more resources that are available to you (a healthy support system, a balanced life, good reading material, appropriate mentorship), the less time is needed for each issue.
Your growth will never end on this earth. You will find new areas of growth – and if we can take our focus off time, we can really, really, have fun with this journey…!


Coach Jo

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