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When are You Not Allowed to Use Humor?

Reposting an article that I wrote a while ago because it’s pertinent today… #snl #keepkatierich #barrontrump #comedy

When are You Not Allowed to Use Humor?

…I wanted to find out because I laughed heartily during the Eurovision Song Contest when the host land/my mother country made fun of themselves and what it takes to make it into this competition:

Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede – ¨Love Love Peace Peace¨ (Interval Act at the Grand Final) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMgW54HBOS0

That however was still on the spectrum of what’s allowed. It’s usually always fine to make fun of ourselves. What about those on Twitter that made fun of themselves watching said contest, but then of course also of what they were watching…? Is that allowed? Was I allowed to laugh at their commentary, with a sort of voyeuristic meanness…?

 A.L. Audrieth wrote a paper some years ago on the art of using humor, and cited the famous dentist turned humorist Dr. Jarvis, whom became a well-known lecturer on the subject.


 You’ll find in the paper that whether or not it’s OK to use humor depends on factors like the type of humor your use, the delivery but also whom you are speaking to. Done right, it can lead to huge success. Done wrong – it can be disastrous.

 I make fun of my clients when they do up-the-wall things. (You know – working against yourself against your own better knowing?) I do however make sure the zing against a background of trust. I would never go as far as hurting. Maybe a little pinch just to wake up J. Aren’t most things funny when seen from the right angle? Or does the question remain – there are times when it is not OK to use humor, and when is that?

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