December 6, 2016 Johannasawalha

Race to the Finish

Here you see me sitting, thinking of you all :)….

Writing on how I can contribute till the very last minute – so you can finish out 2016 with a bang!


…  many have said that 2016 was a bum year. They are happy to bid 2016 goodbye…

But I quote my client Roger when he said, ¨Character is forged in the crucible of adversity¨.

Michelle Obama spoke on the same theme in one of her last addresses as FLOTUS. Adversity prepares us to handle the knocks of life well (personally, I really dig 80-year olds with deep, raspy voices with history coming out of their eyes.)

We will have even tougher times ahead.

You will happily reminisce about the times we worked on just YOUR problems, instead of you also having to deal with the WORLD’s problems. Or simply OTHER people’s problems – of a whole new dimension, in work and life. I have committed my own life to solving other people’s problems and create openings where there previously were none. I got some experience.

In the light of that, I have a burning wish for you for 2017.

I wish for you BIGGER problems.

Problems worth having.

Problems that take us out of our petty ones and that birth a new perspective.

We have less than one month to go guys.

I want 3 things from you.

(You know I like my Big 3’s!)

  1. ¨I will handle the outstanding issue of…¨
  2. ¨I will connect with…
  3. ¨I will finish…¨

Let me know what yours are!


Coach Jo

Also, give the gift of introducing someone to coaching – someone in your life who wants to start the New Year right! Be generous. Everyone deserves looking ahead with hope.

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