November 29, 2016 Johannasawalha

Why Joy? Part II



noun: the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or

satisfying; keen, pleasure; elation. She felt the joy of seeing her daughter’s success.
I see a direct correlation – high stress = low joy.

For example, what you look forward to during the holidays, isn’t mostly the great chill that it is…? The no stress? More that than anything else?

I just downloaded the app Mood Mint (remember in my last blog post, how I recounted my lifelong relationship with waking up at war with the world…?) …. downloaded it just on a lark. It plays on subliminal suggestion to oneself – a balanced blend of scientific data on the benefits of a good mood as well as happy pictures. I’d say it worked. At least it got me back to neutral.

On a more significant note, and I took this from Paul Tough’s book ¨How Children Succeed¨,the stress of f.ex. poverty contributes greatly to kids having trouble at home and in school. So, stress due to a high intensive work environment or lack of money – either way, it’s a kill joy.

Learning how to cultivate joy is therefore a great and necessary skill. That way, we can keep stress at a healthy level, which when it’s on a healthy level, is experienced as excitement and adrenaline – which is what gives us our drive.

There is another classic that I’ve had on my bookshelf for decades,

¨10,000 Things to Be Happy About¨, by B.A. Kipfer.

It definitely brings out joy, reading the various ditties on life’s simple pleasures. When I look around, I hear similar things in different people regarding what brings them joy:
¨—faith, family time, time with true friends, good food, being in nature, children, hiking, travels, a good workout, backpacking, adventures, pets, freedom, quiet, being near large bodies of water, writing, cooking, gardening, exercising, a clean house, pets, holding new-born babies, hearing a kid giggle, making a difference, one’s life mate, siblings, mom, dad, coffee, feel-good stationery…¨

 So I am cultivating away over here – the joy factor.

I don’t want just the things that usually give me joy to give me joy.

I want to find it in everything.

Otherwise we’ll just be confined to a few select things in life.

Thoughts on this phenom of every day joy? How do you find yours?


Coach Jo

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