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When something bad happens, your best bet is to invent a new context for it.

A new way of thinking about it.

Reframing is another word for it.


For the millions disappointed in the outcome of the US election this morning, this is necessary. Context is decisive – it will determine everything about how you go about tackling your upcoming hurdle.




The father in the Oscar winning movie ¨Life is Beautiful¨ reframed for his son the escaping from the Nazis in game of hide-and-go-seek. His son was too young to understand the whole picture – but he did understand the game. It sprung them both into action and kept them in-the-clear-of-fear.


Or this morning’s tweet by Michael Hyatt…


¨You can learn from anyone. If you don’t work for a great leader, don’t despair. Here’s how to learn from a bad boss¨:



With the turn the world just took, exercising our say in our attitudes and our own attitudes will be crucial. The world markets just took a tumble and the Mexican peso tumbled to an all-time low – understandably so. But – like the old adage says, we can’t control what happens to us but we can control how we think about it. We are not in charge of the world. Someone else is now. However, we are in charge of our own brain.


So – we have got to put our brains on watch.

How? The best way is through meditation. Second best are tools you can employ throughout your day, like the ABC technique invented by the psychologist Albert Ellis:


A – Adversity (for example: election outcome)

B – Belief (¨now we are in for it¨)

C – Consequences (feeling crappy)


By simply observing the auto response that A, B, C truly is, we can cut in at any time between A, B and C. Because neither B nor C has to be true, we can invent both to our advantage. This doesn’t invalidate your current C, but given your current C is making your feel crappy, it’s a good thing to do.


What can you do now about your current Belief? How can you turn your current adversity into a source of strength? What B would make your C leave you feeling strong and happy?

That is the only way right now. Let me know how you do.




Coach Jo

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