July 29, 2016 Johannasawalha


I spent last the summer with my in-laws in their compound in Amman, Jordan. Due to the close quarters, there is much time for communion, conversations and insights following them. A couple of times during our stay, my father-in-law has told me he was impressed with my mothering. That I was patient and handled the chaos of three kids admirably; patiently, logically and without losing my cool.

Those were true compliments as it’s something I care very much about – how I handle my children but more importantly, how I handle myself around my children. Then – an interesting thought popped up upon him saying this, which was the comparison to all the things I could be doing with and for my children. That somehow I was failing, even if just a little bit.

 That made me question, whose side am I really on? When and why did we start playing on the other side of the playing field? When did we begin to stack up evidence to prove our own flaws and failings? We need to stop that. We need to align ourselves with ourown team, the one that has our back.

Our limitations are our limitations but they are not carved in stone. This is why we work on ourselves. This is why we break up old patterns and habits. This is why we never give up on our own and other’s fundamental good natures.

So – get back state side on your team, back in the QB position and fight for the things about you that are fabulous and winning…!


Coach Jo

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