July 29, 2016 Johannasawalha


I am going through a very peaceful time in my life, free of pressures and shoulds… (you realize that it’s mostly freedom from self-imposed shoulds.)

However, it hasn’t always been that way.I have been ridden, most of my life, by the mare of “more” and “not good enough” and “this can’t be It”…

I realize now that my spiritual practice happens, and has to happen, no matter what stage of life I am going through. During tough times – the sleepless first couple of years with two batches of children – the spiritual practice is desperate – clinging to a lifeline as it were. Other times, like now, it is a quiet, run of the mill, as natural as flossing practice that I do just because I do…

The practice, however, remains equally important, no matter what I am personally dealing with.

This is a time when it would be easy to stop. Like I have arrived and don’t need to practice anymore. But I see that now that it’s the time to step it up. When you have saved yourself on some fundamental level, it is ones duty to help others. Otherwise, we sit on gold and we are not sharing. Not right and no fair.

I think there is always a next internal bastion. I may think I have learnt to love myself but perhaps I have only scratched the surface. And when I get to the next level of it I will be infinitely more capable of loving others more and better.

Things are so incredibly unpredictable that when you experience a breathing hole, like the one I am experiencing now, we’ve got to hurry, hurry and help others before some personal life circumstance closes in on us again that we are forced to deal with…

So if you have over flow – of peace, time, money, love – give it.I will do my best to.


Coach Jo

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