July 29, 2016 Johannasawalha


You know the feeling – you have a pile of things to do that just aren’t any fun.

Be it admin, taxes or calling your mother, they may all feel burdensome and not how you want to spend your time. Howver, just like it behooves us to create a great way to relate to any area in our lives, it helps to do the same with this kind of task list.

There are a few simple tools you can use to create that good relationship with things you just don’t like doing:

  1. Context shift – why are you doing them? The reasons ¨why¨ can likely motivate you to take action. For example, you do them so that the finances will work in your household and that will make everyone in it feel relaxed and at peace. You call your mother because this is only the woman who gave you life and that alone is enough reason to say hello.
  2. Transcending your own likes and dislikes makes you operate on a higher plane of consciousness. Constantly viewing life through the lens of whether you like it or not becomes wearisome. What if we don’t have to vote on everything we see? Again, a sense of peace will instill itself.
  3. Your own sense of pride – the pride you will feel when you ¨got over yourself¨ and did something in spite yourself. You got to the gym, you finished that worksheet…it just feels great afterwards – and you are proud.

What other reasons can you think of that would help motivate to action?


Coach Jo

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