July 29, 2016 Johannasawalha


The United Nations are dedicating this year’s Peace Day, today September 21st, to strengthening ideals. I believe it’s because have an endemic problem, which is that we don’t know how to get along. The excessive warring that is happening right now is not people or politics specific but human race specific. We are not particularly nice.

I also believe that the higher the stress level, the harder it becomes to act decently and peacefully. We no longer recognize other humans for who they are, but view them more like objects in our way. Having lived in New York for 18 years, spent a lot of time in other capitals, and now living in Stockholm, I have observed a lot of eye rolls, push & shoves and scoffing. Sometimes I have been a perpetrator myself. Not so much anymore though as I feel the presence of Karma Kitty strongly…

Here is an International Business Times article on Peace Day for history:


And here are quotes from people dedicated to peace keeping.

(The United Nations may not function perfectly but we ought to be glad we have them):


Read, let yourself be inspired and answer a scoff with a smile today…

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