July 29, 2016 Johannasawalha

So I have moved to Europe

Some of you have shown concerned with me being so far away…
Let me tell you how I see it and why is no big deal…

Before I had a million gazillion children, I travelled extensively all over the world and stayed in different countries for an extended period of time. All the way through I ran my business as usual due to the fact that with 8 out of 10 with y’all I am virtual.
And the other 20% of you are delving into the amazing world of virtual technology in order to connect (Google chat, Skype, iMessage, What’s App, etc., etc., etc.)…
I am exited to start this new adventure with you…I can assure you only good will come of the new things we will learn together – as well as the opportunity to at any time come and visit!


Coach Jo

  1. Below you will see various blogs on how small the world has become, by anyone from MIT to more ethereal/philosophical writers…





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