July 29, 2016 Johannasawalha

#ProductivityHacks! – A Must Read For All That Are Tired of the Rat Race

Got super inspired by Bethany McLean’s LinkedIn post about productivity (#ProductivityHacks). Or lack thereof. Mainly also because I just finished going through the old classic productivity/efficiency book Getting Things Done, by D. Allen with its 10,000 tips on becoming a lean machine. Although I actually domost of the things suggested therein, I am still only modestly successful. I mean, I am totally successful in that you are reading this, and quite a few more people, but if you ask most people on the street they probably don’t know me.

I also have the attached visual at my desk that shows all the short cuts to a productive day. Yet, I am inspired the very most by McLean’s comments… “sometimes I waste whole days…”

Sometimes she takes apparently wasteful meetings that lead to no particular outcome, or writes things no one will ever read. God, what a breath of fresh air…!

It’s like when Quiet, by S. Cain came out. The entire world of people who had run themselves sick trying to be the life of the party soaked up her heralding of the quiet but smart person…

Where am I going with this…? According to McLean, and myself, conjuring up your inner muse, or having the spirit move you, is where it is at (see Raffi singing about just that to children).

Because when you hit it right, it doesn’t matter much how efficient you were up to that point. I know highly successful people who can’t find their way out of a paper bag. Get into your own paper bag, find out what moves you and source yourself from there. Then come out, if you can find your way, and share it with the world. You will be an instant hit.


Coach Jo

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