July 29, 2016 Johannasawalha


Of all the things people say they value, there is one thing, one so transparent, that you only notice it when it is taken away. Not financial freedom alone, but freedom to do with your life what you please…

150 years ago, FDR hoped for the same things for the future that we hope for today. Freedom and justice for all (it’s still on the agenda..!)

What is it about freedom that makes it so important to humans?

Let’s look in FDR’s quote attached at the four different freedoms he mentions:

  1. Freedom of expression – this one is an obvious hot potato. Even in democratic countries where we enjoy freedom of speech, it can sometimes be costly to use it! Even so – Use your voice. If you are not a verbal person, write. If you are not a writer, create art and express yourself in that way. If you are neither of those things, be kind when others aren’t and make your political statement thus.
  2. Freedom of every person to worship God in his own way– how then do we contend with the fact that we are out to obliterate ISIS? Aren’t they allowed to worship the way they see fit too? They would – if worship was what they were doing. They are playing a political power game in the name of their God and that is not worship – that is greed. So no, it doesn’t apply in how they use God for their own benefit. Live and let live. But stop those who stop others from living.
  3. Freedom from want – I had no idea FDR was such a Buddhist! It is hard to grasp in the Western, civilized world that one should not want things. That it makes you chicken-shit somehow, like you are not going for it in life. Or that you have failed and hide behind that you “didn’t have big wants anyway.” Freedom from want is the best kind of freedom. Mainly because you don’t depend on outer circumstances for your happiness ever. And when you do get what you want, it’s a happy surprise. It also eliminates any kind of neediness.Measure your happiness by how happy you are taking your things away.
  4. Freedom from fear – Well, when you stop wanting so much, you lose a lot of fears because now you’re not afraid of losing anything either. Fear can be related to as butterflies in your stomach, and it can be left at that. We invest a lot of thought processes into our fears, when really all it is, is a biological response to the lion around the corner. Fear not. At least try…

       Warmly, Coach Jo

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