July 29, 2016 Johannasawalha

No Time to Waste

If you think you have time – you don’t.

Time is life going by.

We all walk around, either most of the time – or from time to time – in a stupor around time.

Like there is a tomorrow when things can be handled, relationships can be nourished or mended, courses will be taken, skills could be learned…

It also includes the things we are avoiding, things we “procrastinate” on.

The news about that? There is no such thing as procrastination. You just didn’t do it. Rather, we pretend we are going to do it tomorrow, that day that never comes…

What we have as humans is a rare opportunity to make a difference. Especially those of us fortunate enough to be born in peaceful countries, with the background of means to enjoy cars, computers and a good education. Given how much there is to make right in the world, there is so much to do to take advantage of that difference that can be made.

We can do so much…and for all that we could and can do, there is not much time.

So hurry. Think about it. But hurry.

Love always,

Coach Jo

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