July 29, 2016 Johannasawalha

New, new and NEW…!

…Welcome to your New Year! Here is the format of today:

1. What is new, new and NEW in 2016…

2. What is out, out and OUT…!

3. What remains to be flushed…

What is new, new and NEW in 2016…?

1a. My new wedding ring – a fuse between my engagement ring and old wedding band. Credit and courtesy: Kajsa Åman (Instagram: kajsagoldsmith), oldest best friend and gold smith au primer. Allow yourselves to be heathens – take an old heirloom and remake it into “yours” – great, great grandma won’t mind…

1b. New laptop, phone, iPad. Credit and courtesy: my husband. I would hang on to my trusted devices for a lot longer but my tech husband reminds me, as clean and shiny as my MacBook Air still looks…it’s from 2010.

1c. New attitude – My list of goals has whittled over the years and this year, I am pretty radical. I have only a few stakeholds in 2016, but my biggest resolve is to stay awake and open to what comes my way (as in “look for the signs…”/The Alchemist). Sometimes hard- line-goals (or too many, or too narrow goals) get in the way of the opportunities trying to punch through. Therefore, I am deepening my commitment to keep my mind clean and clear, mainly through meditation, so I will notice what wantsto happen.

What is out, out and OUT…!

2a. A bad mood – I have worked on this, but the moody one that lives inside of me is still squatting. On far less real estate than she once did, but boy, I still reserve the right to get a mood-on…Therefore, it’s like, “if you have someone to say, say it!” Instead of brood about it. Gotta’ follow what I tell my kids…

2b. Controlling – Situations and people. I will leave things to let them unfold. Far more interesting and exciting. Choice will take the place of control. (In this entry, I sound like a control freak, which I am really not. But I know what “free” looks like…)

What remains to be flushed…

3a. Holding on – to anything. I try to give as much as I can think to give. I also know that I have many, many more layers of this to cut through. I am fully aware that the best karma and life itself come from how much you give. It takes doing it, but it is not hard. It’s easy. It’s not a drag but it is a leap.


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