July 29, 2016 Johannasawalha

Letting Go of 2015

As you look back on the year, there were some highlights but you’re certain to find some low lights as well.
Some negative experiences if we really look, may not have been so bad in and of themselves. It’s just that they remind us of another time or times when something similar happened. It is the cumulative impact of all those experiences that get us down, not the one thing itself. You know the sinking feeling:
“Here we go again”

“Oh no, that THIS again”

“Why does this always happen to me?”

“I thought I was done with this kind of thing”

The best thing to do is to divide and conquer.

Separate each negative and very specific memory and try to see what it was about it that created such a bad feeling. After you have done that, look to see if there’s anything to do about the issue still (an apology to be given or had) or simply let it go. Now you’ll be ready to take back that time in your past as your own, because surrounding that one negative memory are some good ones too.

These are the stories we want to tell our children and grandchildren. These are the memories that make our true legacy.
Also, during hard times, there may have been people who showed up for you, who supported you when you were down. Those are the people we want to extend gratitude towards this holiday season. Those are the relationship to rekindle.

There is so much good to take out of 2015. There is so much courage to be conjured and reveled in, in this past year’s challenges. Put the latter to rest and greet the New Year clean.

Coach Jo

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