July 29, 2016 Johannasawalha


I’ve found myself a bit addicted to the news.

I’ve come to justify too much news reading with wanting to stay informed.

However, when the news start to spill over into celebrity weddings, even I cut myself off…

In the news, though, there’s been a lot about Trump the past few days.
And how since his anti-Muslim remarks, the world is now turning its back on him.

About time.
1.7 billion adherents.
Over a fifth of the world’s population.
That is whom one person is renouncing.
One of two de facto runners for president of the United States.
How much power are we going to give a person?

Stop talking about him…! (I am talking about him now!)
It’s become apparent that whatever you give your attention to grows.
Let’s take our eyes off Trump and put them on what’s working.

The Nobel Prize gala was held here in Stockholm last night.
Attended by so many people doing amazing things; eradicating diseases, highlighting abuse and writing about what’s right.
Let’s talk about The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet (peace), Tomas Lindahl (chemistry), Svetlana Alexievich (literature). Speaking of the latter, let’s talk about the savior of the world that art is. If you need to be reminded – here are two videos of the song “Hallelujah”…first by a priest at a wedding 🙂 and then the ultimate one – Jeff Buckley’s…

Let yourselves get moved…

Coach Jo

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