July 29, 2016 Johannasawalha

I Got Great Response to the “Be Selfish” Post – Here Is More…

Recently I wrote a post about the favor you are doing the world by being selfish.

Well. Not really, but the kind of selfish that takes courage. Dancing to the beat of your own drum, sticking your nose out, not caring what people think, breaking convention (but really – and not in a cute way…)

Apart from yours truly that doesn’t possess a “can’t do” filter (judging by my Cross-Atlantic relocation of my family of five for an indefinite time); here are people who do whatever they want to do. Let them inspire you:

Slomo – ditched his medical practice and the BW for skating on the beach, spreading good vibes.

Amelia Earhart – not only the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, but did you know she was an activist as well?

Dean Moriarty – from Jack Kerouac’s classic “On The Road”. Fictional but who cares. I think he was autobiographical on Kerouac’s part. Moriarty jumped in a car with his friends and drove whenever he felt like it. Cross -country. In one shot.

Howard Roark – Also fictional but I bet you Ayn Rand lived it,

“The Fountainhead”. Roark drew buildings he wanted to live in. He was unpopular. Didn’t care.

Steve Jobs – Unpopular. Didn’t care.

Ayn Rand – the woman herself. Not following any philosophy but inventing her own. Her credo was rational and ethical egoism (following your dream…?)

Got anyone else you think I should include…? Warmly, Coach Jo

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