July 29, 2016 Johannasawalha


After Brené Brown took the internet by storm with her TED talk on vulnerability, it has been a topic on people’s list. It’s prompted many to look at their own ability to open up…

Inspiring people on this journey are aforementioned Brené Brown but also Sixto Rodriguez, the obscure-turned-famous-folk-star-in-hiding. See his journey if you haven’t yet in the documentary ¨Searching for Sugarman¨.

Another wonderful role model is the Swedish artist Lars Lerin. A former addict, he has his own TV-show based on that he doesn’t have any friends and would like to make some. He meets with other famous artist to befriend them and what ensues is hilarious, due to the instant intimacy he is able to create, which in turn is due to his deep level of vulnerability.

Is it wise to be that vulnerable, you may ask…?

(Well, it doesn’t take away your smarts…?)

The Buddhist monk Pema Chodron speaks of a rawness of heart, and of the practice of¨tonglen¨ when you take the hit of pain straight in, followed by sending out blessings to the world.

Might vulnerability be the next stage of our evolution, finally realizing there is no lion in the room? Do you think it would help or hinder in business development? What do you think?


Coach Jo

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