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How to Stress Less – Work/Life Balance According to an Executive Coach

he Three Things

I coach my clients to pick only three things each day to do.

They usually respond with a puzzled, “What?  Three things?  But I have a 100 things on my list!”

Three things.  That’s it.

But they have to be major.

They have to matter greatly.

The have to budge the boulder.

And they definitely have to be in the 20 of the 80/20.

If you tackle three things that truly matter in your day, they will work like the umbrella that the smaller things fall under. We could liken it to if you filled a bowl with all kinds of sizes of balls; big, small, medium…  If you put the small ones in first, the big balls won’t fit.  If you put the big balls in the bowl first, the smaller ones will arrange nicely around them – fill in the cracks as it were.

Your Sanity

Keeping a long list of things to do on your desk does nothing for your feeling of balance. You will not get to the 100 things anyway in one day. Pick the three things, do them, and then if you want to do more things after – you can. But you don’t have to.  This method will provide you with a lot more freedom and sense of calm in your workday as well as your day-to-day.

It is also important for your sanity that you don’t have visuals that remind you of the 97 other things, but that you put away and shut down anything but the three things you are working on.

Dream On

Next, being carried by a dream does a lot for how you’ll feel about what needs handling.  Instead of your tasks tossing you hither and thither and stressing you out, a vision for your work and life will help you distinguish what tasks truly take you towards your vision – and which ones are simply busy work.  Having a vision – created, written and visible, you’ll learn to see which is which.

Curb Your Fears

Lastly – a lot of stress comes from fear and worry.

“What if this happens?  What if that happens?  What if I lose this client/job/account?  What if I don’t do a good job?  What if I am too young/old for this?” This kind of mind chatter is just that. Mind chatter. It comes in the guise of making you think that these thoughts are important to think about. They are not. They are not solutions based. They are dark holes of energy suck and take you no closer to your goals. Practice tuning them out like a loud and lousy TV channel.

The Challenge

Here’s my challenge to you.

Do the “three major things a day” for a month.

Then email me and let me know how you did.

What shifted?  What changed? How did you feel doing your list this way?

Looking forward to hearing about your discoveries!


Coach Jo

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