Friends, coaching clients/fellow colleagues on this path of conquering your mind and creating your life –

I have been in the Middle East for one week now.

Seems like a month. So many impressions, a complete cultural shift. Again.

This week was about setting up a routine here and talking to you.

That was it.

And today it is the weekend.

Friday and Saturday are the weekend here.

The workweek starts on Sundays.

As the call to pray rings out five times a day, so beautifully over the city, it reminds me – every time (and in my case irrespective of belief systems followed) to pause and reflect.

Think about how many times you may have chosen too quickly in life; your mate, your education, your work, your place to live – and when you saw that it was not the right path for you, the amount of clean up was immense (divorce, going back to school for an entire new vocation, etc.)

Hearing the call to prayer while here in Jordan is having me pause for a moment, all five times of the day starting early, early in the morning, and remember to think thoroughly and deeply about what I want to do and how I want to conduct myself. Not even for my whole life, but just for this day. Since life is only days going by, each one counts.

On a general level, this shows us all that we are almost never fully present. Right now, I am thoroughly enjoying the reminder I get five times a day to stop and reflect, perhaps meditate or check in with myself that I am conducting my day in accordance with my values and how I want to run my life. After the summer, when I am no longer here to enjoy these lovely reminders, I will have to set the alarm to the same five times – just to remember to come back to the present moment – just to remember that every thought, word and action is governed by the law of cause and effect. That I will reap what I sow. I want the harvest to be good so I want to remember to sow good seeds. And for those of you who are having a bad harvest right now, it can all be reversed, I promise. Start now. Set your alarm.


Coach Jo