July 29, 2016 Johannasawalha

END OF WEEK WRAP: On Overwhelm

END OF WEEK WRAP: On Overwhelm

Last week, I spoke about how to prioritize the pile of stuff/your to-do list that seems never ending. This week I want to talk about overwhelm. The kind that leaves you stuck in your tracks, paralyzed, procrastinating, a blind avoiding of doing anything at all…

It’s been a month since my move to Sweden and only yesterday did I make the phone call to BVC (Barnavårdscentralen – the agency for pediatric care). For a whole month I have felt like “bad mommy”, not dealing with this right as I got here. Not that my children would have been denied acute care should they have needed it, but f’gadssake, they need a pediatrician! If I had waited any longer, they’d be in high school by the time they got weighed and measured again…

Why did I wait? I only just got it to it because I felt overwhelmed by other things that needed to be done. So what then is overwhelm?

A feeling of being overwhelmed is a sign that you are being a self-inflicted taskmaster – of yourself. There is all kinds of help at your disposal; trading tasks with a friend, delegating, cooking a great meal to share with your mom if she makes the calls for you. …

As you begin to loosen up around what you need to get done people show up to help, creative ideas flood your mind of how to solve the next task and the best things of all – everything feels lighter. The natural unfolding of things, where you are dealing with the things in the present and dealing with the people around youbeing present – that is when the “to do’s” of your life fold into your journey and eventually reads like the story of your great life…

I’d rather live my life that way, then go “check-check-check…” on my to do list – wouldn’t you…?



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