July 29, 2016 Johannasawalha

COACH JO: Series on Joy – Installment 4/10

Series on Joy – Installment 4/10

In Buddhism there is a saying.

“Abandon all hope of fruition.”

How depressing you may say. What it really means is – appreciate the journey. Take joy in every moment. Savor it. Show up. Be there for it.We also know how short lived a moment of fruition is. Meaning, the moment we reach a goal we have been working towards, how long does the excitement last? A day? If we are lucky, a few? And what do we do next? Hanker for the next thing.

Abandoning all hope fruition is actually then a true gift.We get to live the abundance of all the days of our lives.Not just the days when we win. When we get what we want.We are adorable, cute and funny we humans.

You know when you look down on an ant pile… those ants seem so busy, and arevery serious about moving a stick from point A to point B. We must look very similar from a bird’s eyes view.

Bottom line of the installment this week – slow down and turn your attention on high to all the natural phenomena around you.

What do you notice that you otherwise wouldn’t…?


Coach Jo

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