July 29, 2016 Johannasawalha


Today is the last day of the laziest summer of my life.

Although I did things, obviously, much of it was spent in leisurely conversation over lenghty meals. Or puttering about without much results of productivity.

I did my work and had my clients at a leisurely pace and when there was a free moment, I used it to do nothing.

On this last day on the plane from the Middle East to Jordan, it sparked the thinking about how honored workaholism is. It is a disease like any other extreme form of –ism, but in our Western culture, it is celebrated.

Leisure seems to be relegated to the idle rich or the idle poor, both regarded with a certain amount of judgement. The latin word scola stems from the Greek word leisure, which points to what it originally meant. It meant than in leisure you are also learning. Our greatest inventions or works of art did not come through a productivity laden pressure coocker, but from deep thinking in an environment comparatively free of stress.

We can’t be truly creative in the adrenaline driven world of hyper activity. True creativity is sourced from a free thinking, all around free place and we are not free when we are stressed.

This is the idea that this summer drove home – that the thinking I did may very well have led to better results because I was calm and present enough to make the right choices and proper calls at the perfect moments.


Coach Jo

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