July 25, 2011 Johannasawalha

On Regrets

I hung out with someone yesterday who reads my blog .

She made a suggestion for a topic she’d like to see .

How to deal with regrets ?

The stuff you have done that haunts you at night.
The I-could’vs and I-should’vs.

Well.  What if you couldn’t have done it any other way?
Based on the information you had at the time.

That is what life experience is.
And what if it had to irk you so badly so that you’ll never do it again.

Maybe there is a design to regrets?
To make you do something with them.
To really, really learn the lesson for the next time.

But listen up.
Not as a way to “teach yourself a lesson”.

Rather knowing that you can’t skip a grade.
That you can’t skip the lessons that are specifically for you.

So when you regret something, repeat to yourself:

“This is the school of life.

I am only learning.
That is why I am here.
It is the whole point of it all.”

Comments, questions – all welcome.

Love always,

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