July 21, 2011 Johannasawalha

Reaching Your Goals – plugging your missing-information gaps

You know how I have said to you that all you are missing is information.

And that there is nothing inherently wrong with you.  Whatever habits and behaviors that are insufficient to reach your goals, are simply a function of lack of the knowledge that will take you there.

So if you are an inquisitive and curious person (which I know you are, because you read my quips) there are many things you can do, and much to learn.

Today I want to fill in some information gaps about the intricacies of meeting a goal.  “Just do it” or “You just have to be motivated” – have you noticed that those phrases don’t inspire much at all?  They may just point to how you don’t feel up to the task or how much motivation you are in fact missing.

There are many factors that contribute to reaching a goal.

The obvious one is what you have to be able to measure:

  1. Where you are starting from…
  2. What you will count once you have reached your goal…
  3. Your progress as you go…

These don’t stand alone though.

Keeping promises and measuring progress is necessary, but you also need inspiration to do that.  You need to know where you are going – but you also need to stay continually motivated along the way.

I have my clients write out all of it – their goals and their motivation.
Their goals also need to be broken up into bite size meals.

My questions for you then are:

Can you visualize your goal?
Do your actions apply to the goal?

Are they also broken up into bits you can do every week?
What are your motivation triggers?

Let me know.  If you don’t know, I’ll be happy to help.
Just shoot me an email:  coaching@sawalha.com


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