July 18, 2011 Johannasawalha

Money Balance – Do You Have It?

I am sure you wonder at times where all the money goes.
Seems like the money in your pocket doesn’t follow the easy-come-easy-go rule, but rather the hard-in-coming-easy—in-going one…!

You look at your finances and no matter what you make you always seem to end up with the same, or as little, in the end.

What gives…?

We watched not one, but two!, period pieces one night this weekend during my husband’s birthday weekend away.  I indulged watching Versailles (or Versailles looking palaces) with the women sweeping and rustling around in their elaborate get-ups.  I fantasized about living like that, like a countess in a European castle (what girl hasn’t?).  That was before my socially conscious mind took back over, that doesn’t want to take more than she needs and also doesn’t want to pay the prize of politics and intrigue at that level….

What it did inspire however was a conversation over breakfast.

We talked about that at every level of income you are at, a perfect balance can be struck.  The rules of economics apply to each stratum of wealth, or lack thereof.

But if you make more than you spend, even if you make $10/hour, there is balance and your finances are healthy.  If you are happy with the money you are making for the work you are putting in, you have a balanced financial life as well.  Also, if you can afford spending your money on the things you most care about, whether it is organic produce or yoga classes, then too, you are in good shape.

These types of thoughts and conversation interest me a great deal.
Because money is time and time is your life going by.
Money is therefore a great measure of how you use your time and life.

In fact, it is one of the greater measures of how you choose to spend it.
Being able to measure things is key to any type of success.

In review…when you get concerned about balance…ask yourself…

  1. Do I make more than I spend?
  2. Do I enjoy how I make my money?
  3. Can I spend money on things that bring me satisfaction and joy?

If yes – there – your money is in balance.


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