July 13, 2011 Johannasawalha

Insomnia – Is It Just Me?

I am talking to myself today as much as I am talking to you.
I have experienced insomnia off and on in my life.

Another spell started three days ago.
Been waking up at 4 AM and I’d rather stay asleep.

The worst part about it is anticipating not having my strength the next day.
That is the part that freaks me out the most.

Apart from doing all the healthy habits to promote sleep,
I see how I have to start by re-contextualize the whole thing.

Who says I can’t have and find energy anyway?
Who says I won’t be able to sleep tonight?

Only I do.

I also hear my mother’s voice about healthy sleeping habits and how important they are.  I love that she gave me those.  I do however have a belief that if I don’t get eight hours, that I can’t function.  That is not true.  I can function just fine.  I like getting eight hours.  I got six and a half last night.  In the name of re-contextualizing, it is not like it was two or three hours (I have had those spells too and this is not that.  If you also have insomnia, you are in good company.  Apparently so do up to half of the world population at various times. )

In the name of designing our lives, there are real things we can do, you and I

–  my fellow insomniacs:

If you are looping on a certain thought or life issue, talk it out with someone.
Or write it out.

Make sure you are relaxed before you go to bed.
Drink herbal tea.

Take a hot bath.
Exercise and stretch so your body too is relaxed.
If you need to, talk to your pharmacist or doctor about a safe sleeping aid.

And lastly, I think the biggest thing is:

Go with it.  Don’t make it bigger.  When I resist it, it gets worse.

When you are up, get up.  Do things you were planning to do later in the day.  Read.  Write.  Practice yoga and meditation.
Catch up on work if it feels right.  Or letter writing.

Keep tweaking till you find what works.  Become a great napper.
Don’t be satisfied until you find your formula.
And some sleep.

Love always,

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