July 8, 2011 Johannasawalha

To Tell Or Not To Tell

I just had a client (you know who you are) – who is upset with people.

And he has lists on them.

Things he was disappointed about.

He lets the things sit there and fester.

And it makes him sick to his stomach.

The truth is, it is not good for him to do this.


It made me wonder about how much of that we do.

Have little things that we never tell that put a wedge between us and people.

Places we got hurt and where we stopped giving of ourselves as fully and freely as we once did.


This client inspired me to look for myself if there was anyone I was upset with but not telling.  There was someone, and I started a letter to that person to say everything that I had been wondering about, was stewing on, and upset about.

It was freeing to get it all out of me.


Whether an issue gets resolved right away or not, to be the first one to go when it comes to taking care of it, provides an amazing sense of freedom, leadership and ownership of the situation.  To be someone who is willing to always go back to the scene of the crime and deal makes one proud.


Are you holding on to upsets with someone?

Who do you have a list on that you’ve been sitting on?

Who do you cringe when you think of?


No one is saying you have to love everybody.

But you can at least get to “neutral”.

Where the poison you’ve stored on someone doesn’t infect your own body.

You set yourself free by being willing to give it up and speak.

Tell or not tell?

I say, say it all.


Let me know how you do.


Love always,


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