June 23, 2011 Johannasawalha

Nothing Is Wrong – You Are Just Missing Information – Or Inspiration

What if nothing was ever wrong?

All there was to it was that you were missing information.

Once you put that information in, the playing field of your life changed.


Knowledge is power, and for the sake of this conversation, your personal power.

I don’t think most people relate to their issues and problems like they are missing information.  More like something they have been afflicted by or burdened with.


I lead a workshop yesterday and it was so fun and so great.

The people were so smart, engaged and engaging.

My job was easy.


Today – was “just a regular day”.

I should have put it in my book yesterday that it was likely I would feel blue today.

I often have that kind of come down after a public event or performance. Just like women should put PMS in their calendar because it is pretty predictable that they’ll feel off.   I didn’t put it in.  So I thought something was wrong.  With me.  And the world.


Nothing was wrong.

I was missing two pieces of information.

The entry in my calendar of my predictable “feeling place”.

As well as something to focus on next.


So I went online and I watched an interview a friend just gave, scheduled an interview with him myself for my streaming show.  I went on to inspiring myself by informing myself about new ideas, his and other people’s in this plethoric cyber universe.


So if you think something is wrong, see if there is a lingering question.  Something you feel unsure about that you need an answer to.  You feel out of sorts.  There is nothing wrong with you.  You are sitting with an unanswered question.  There is something that wants to get known.  After that, the tools are at your fingertips for filling in your own blanks; Google, TED, Wikipedia (!), or a good friend.


Let me know how you do filling in the gaps of information and inspiration.








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