June 20, 2011 Johannasawalha

Rich Poor People and Poor Rich People

This blog post is in fact dedicated to you.

You who asked me this morning if my last blog post was dedicated to you.  It wasn’t.  But this one is.


We essentially spoke about poverty of spirit, of quality of life, and of the depth of your relationships.  When you choose to measure your life in the quality of your relationships, even should you be of meager means, and they are good – you are rich.  Even for those of you who are struggling in your relationships, but keep fighting for them, have seen the true wealth that lies beyond the squirmishes you’re in.


And then I have people I work with who are extraordinary wealthy.  Good people.

It takes something to build this kind of wealth.  Often in business politics, they have learnt to bite their tongue and not say what they really think for fear of blowing a deal.


What happens though, over long days and many years, they get used to this way of relating to their own needs, opinions and convictions.  As something to be put on the back burner for a more appropriate time.  The problem is that tomorrow never comes and the same behavior spills over at home, with the wife, and the friends.  Who in the end do you become?  When you have practiced a behavior that effectively has become who you are?




Wherever you are.

Reclaim your voice and tell them – let them deal with the real you.

Fix your relationships or find a new tribe.

Don’t settle for anything less than genius for your life and whom you share it with.




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