June 16, 2011 Johannasawalha

Marriages and Money Made In Heaven

There’s Craig and Jim of Craig’s List.

Sergey and Larry of Google.

And Bill and Paul of Microsoft.


Marriages made in heaven that have yielded remarkable results.  I have been thinking about it and how with certain people meetings sparkle – and others are flat.  Finding your tribe and the people you want to play with in business can be as important as picking a mate in life.  It is the equivalent of driving a car on the right octane fuel.  The car will go on most of them, but more or less optimized.


I had a breakfast meeting this morning with an utterly brilliant person.  He was a ponderer to my activator.  I would say he definitely belongs to my tribe, one I have collected that exists world over.  Conversation was easy and expansive.  Meetings like these leave me with a feeling that any project is doable.


So what to look for when you seek your tribe?


People that share your values – that is a given.

Look for people with complimentary characteristics.

If you are a person that springs to action, pick a strategist.

If you are energized, find a calming counter body.

If you are a visionary, partner with a pragmatist.


Go design your team, your tribe in your own ayurvedic way to achieve a perfect balance.  As we can’t be all things to all people, surrounding yourself with a team that collectively make up for what you lack, is one of the smartest things you can do.


Are you partnered with people just like yourself?  Or with your perfect counter balance?  What characteristics complement yours? I’d like to hear your thoughts.







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