June 14, 2011 Johannasawalha

Jung’s Get Rich Quick Scheme

Jung said that criticism has the power to do good when there is something that must be destroyed, dissolved or reduced, but it is capable only of harm when there is something to be built.  My take on that is that mavericks building empires spent very little time tearing themselves down and instead kept their focus on making money and building their brand.


At a recent speaking engagement I did, I was asked to throw my hat in the ring to be a speaker at TED, San Antonio, and a video clip of a previous talk was requested.  I went on a search for something to submit.  I thought about what Jung had said when I reviewed some coaching clips I had done for BusinessWeek online, and I thought, “yuck, I sucked”.  I even drove this point home for myself by viewing some of my colleague’s videos as well and comparing them as so much better.  You get the picture.


Now, while I am sitting there, judging myself harshly, I didn’t for a second acknowledge that I in fact were looking for clips because I was suggested as someone to speak on TED X.  Or that the recent impromptu interview I did for the camera at a charity dinner got a lot of attention.  Or that over a thousand of you now have read and some generously commented on this blog.


How about a big cup of shut-up-mind to all the self-criticism??  Who cares if my growth as a speaker is in public view?  Who is counting anyway?  Except me – so busy keeping a polished front up.  So whatever.  Let it all hang out.  Focus on what is working.


Talk to me.


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