June 1, 2011 Johannasawalha

Admin Will Never Make You Rich

When I start my day’s tasks, I veer towards admin.

“Let me just get this bill out of the way.”


“Let me put that call into the energy company.”


Let me dot some I’s and cross some T’s in other words.


It is safe.

It is measurable.

It is comfortable.




Admin will never make you rich.

At best, it will make you an overpaid administrator.



Start with what matters the most.

Client contacts.

Follow ups.

Double backing and saying “hi” to people you haven’t talked to in a long time.

Thinking deeply about how to scale your business.

Thinking equally deeply about what in your business you do the best.  Focus on that.  Scale that.  There’s your biggest leverage.


That’s for the pure business advice.

In terms of your personal evolution –

When you go to sort paper clips, be highly suspicious that you are avoiding something else.  A challenge, something new, something scary.

Tackling that will make you feel good and proud.




  • Start with what matters the most.
  • Investigate any resistance or avoidance.
  • Go do it anyway.



Comments?  Questions?  I am all ears.


Love always,




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